Phil Foden and Mason Mount: Gareth Southgate’s EURO 2020 golden boys

(Written by Tom Cayless for CW2)

The deferred EURO 2020 presents itself as England’s greatest opportunity to win international silverware since The European Championships of 1996. 

Paul Gascoigne, perhaps England’s most influential player that summer, is still an inspiration today’s players, both Phil Foden and Mason Mount will look to replicate his 96 on field antics.

Phil Foden | Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur at Nissan … | Flickr
Phil Foden in action against Tottenham Hotspur at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. Credit – Brad Tutterow

Much has been said about the spending of the two clubs Foden and Mount earn their wages at, nevertheless it was these two that was the difference in each of their Champions League quarter-finals ties. 

Both scored goals that would see their sides into the semi-finals. 

Firstly, Foden’s near post winner against Dortmund.

Next, Mount’s turn and finish to give Chelsea a 1-0 lead in the first leg.

Both have proved time and time again that they can produce quality at the highest level, giving England manager, Gareth Southgate, a very luxurious decision to make. 

Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish has been hit by an injury, Leicester’s James Maddison has been dropped due to a breach of COVID rules and it’s argued Jesse Lingard hasn’t been performing for long enough.

The frontrunner for the role seems to change week by week but Foden and/or Mount always seem to be out ahead in the debate.

Mason Mount in action against Brighton. Credit – Brian Minkoff London-Pixels.

The Manchester City and Chelsea academy graduates are firmly set for England this summer. Alongside a limit few, including an excellent Manchester United trio.

Both significantly amplify The Three Lions’ chances. 

Mount and Foden both are amazing to watch on the eye, and to many pass ‘the eye test.’ 

But, what do their Premier League numbers look like for this season? To put it in short form, great. 

Mount, as expected, has played more minutes out of the two, mainly because of the depth of their club sides. 

In fewer minutes though, Phil Foden has more goal contributions. The City midfielder has found the back of the net seven times in the league this season and set up an additional five. 

Mason Mount, formerly of Derby County and SBV Vitesse, is actually more active in the build-up play.  He makes 4.97 shot-creating actions, per 90. Compare this to Foden’s 3.72. But there’s nothing to suggest Foden couldn’t take a more imaginative role, the creativity of De Bruyne makes it difficult to shine creatively at City.

Guardiola’s Foden completes more dribbles per 90 also, completing 2.48 per game, Tuchel’s Mount accomplishes 1.65. Although it should be noted that Foden attempts more. 

Surprisingly, despite completing fewer dribbles, Mount actually has a higher progressive distance out of the two. This is how far, in total a player progresses the ball up the pitch. 

From these two stats, we can gather that Foden is better in the smaller spaces and would be great against a side that would employ a low block. As for Mount, he is greater at getting the ball forwards, he also makes more passes into the final third. He’d be extremely useful against a side England would set up to counter-attack against. 

In conclusion, Southgate has got two golden talents on his side that both offer him a very strong card to play at this summer’s championships. 

Mount and Foden will undoubtedly be instrumental for England this summer, but, it’s all down to the England boss and how he uses them.

Featured image credit –

All stats are correct as of gameweek 33 in the Premier League and can be found using this link.

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